Monday, December 22, 2014

Metal detecting with the Nokta Fors Core on the beach

Review By Andrew (impos1)

I have been loaned the Nokta Fores CoRe  with the standard stock coil by Gary and have decided to do a personal review.

The manual comes as an A5 booklet in  6 languages. As the manual and detector was on loan I decided to download the manual from the Nokta Detectors website and print out to prevent  damaging  Gary’s booklet.
It is clearly a very well thought out and designed instruction manual in perfect English. One of the easiest I have come across for a while.

The Fores CoRe  has two displays , one on the body of the control box and one on top of the handle, which gives an instant readout of the target ID  value.
It is a well balanced machine and very light when compared to my whites V3i.
The Fors has four pre-set programmes referred to as GEN, DI2, DI3 & COG. Which  are accessed from the main menu and are very easy to change using the up/down rocker switches, once the program is selected the + & -  rocker switches change the values. The  2 rocker switches on the side of the control box control all the settings and the display is clear and accessible in large text which is suitable for poorly sighted people.

I set it to the COG setting which is the COnductive Ground program and is suitable for wet sand.
The beach was originally  all sand and now has a very large layer of pebbles deposited on top to act as a sea defence wall. In January this year the beach was all sand due to the storms and within 2 days was coated with pebbles again and the sea defences were back so I expected my finds to be almost zero.

This was a very blowy and windy day with temperatures of 4 degrees with a biting cold sea wind.
I arrived at the beach around 6.20 and decided to search in the darkness, as High tide was at 10.30 that day I needed to get a few hours in.

I turned on the Fores CoRe  and switched to COG setting and did a ground balance. The display was easy to read especially in the dark.
The setup was easy and due to my disability I switched to mode 2 vibration function which I found to be very effective, combined with the display readings on top of the handle I could tell what was a good or bad target.

I chose to reject all iron and set up the discrimination at 40 and above.
During the 2 and a half hour search, the Fores CoRe  found an impressive array of items.
3 x 1 p
2 x 20 p
1 x 2014 10 p
1 x pound coin
I x bottle cap
5 x ring pulls
I x silver wrapper
1 x 1 p badly corroded
1 x 2p

I was happy with my haul, and found it to be an easy to set up lightweight detector suitable for the visual and hearing impaired. I will be sad to give it back.

Many thanks to Gary’s detecting for the loan of the machine.
Nokta-Makro leading metal detector innovators now available in the UK

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