Friday, March 27, 2015

Deeptech Vista Mini Max first pictures

Here we have the latest prototype from Deeptech, it is called the Mini Max.
This machine is based on the original Mini with one or two neat additions, including a frequency change, it is now running on 18 Khz.

As always with the Mini range the controls are very simple
The Mini Max has an added discrimination control which even at maximum will only reject Iron.
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As you can see by the control panel everything is self explanatory, the Mini Max has the classic Deeptech "Ground Grab", this allows the operator to quickly tune the machine into the ground by simply holding the GND toggle down and pumping the coil up and down a couple of times, flick it up to Disc and your just about ready to search.

The battery pod decals are only available on machines sold by  Deeptech UK

The coil fitted is the 11 x 8 Elliptical coil, which we have found is the best for UK searching....However there are several aftermarket coils available.
My Mini Max for review came as a Pro Pack and was supplied with a 5" round coil, which will be ideal for junky sites.

I really like this little coil it feels solid and weighty, the machine balances very well.
The resin construction is very good, although a coil cover is supplied the fit is a little loose, so may need a line of tape to hold it secure.

I am really looking forward to testing this machine on a junky site, I'm sure our other testers will give plenty of feedback once they get hold of the Deeptech Vista Mini Max.

So far we have no idea of price, it will be more expensive than the original Mini which retails at £275.00

More information to follow please visit Gary's Detecting

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