Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Out and about with the metal detectives detecting club

I had a good day at the metal detectives metal detecting club, everyone made me feel very welcome and I have to say the organisation was very professional.
Before every dig all members attend a team talk and induction, club rules are emphasised and dig boundaries are highlighted on maps which are allocated to every member.
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It was great to make some new friends and some old faces came over to say hi.
The reason for my visit was to let people see the my new range of detecting gloves made by Black Mamba. These new gloves are called Black Mamba Torque, very much like latex but at least 5 times stronger without being 5 times thicker.
I also had a chance to demonstrate the Deeptech Vista range for those who do not have internet.

The dig got underway on time and within minutes Gerry had a hammered coin, I think several came up during the morning.

What I liked about the club was everyone was very open about what they found and more than happy to record it with the organisers.

I would just like to say thanks to Mark and Karen for the invite and the great club members who took the time to have a chat.
I know from personal experience running my Macmillan charity digs, it is not an easy job finding land, Mark does a great job and manages to consistantly find members new land.

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