Sunday, March 01, 2015

Makro Racer quick beach test by Andrew

Gary from Gary's detecting kindly lent me his Racer Metal detector to do a personal review on my local beach using the Beach Mode with the standard  11 x 7” DD stock coil.
The Racer user guide comes in an A5 sized booklet in English. As the manual and detector was on loan I decided to download the manual from the Nokta-Makro Detectors website and print on A4 both sides to so I did not damage  Gary's booklet and highlight any valid points which I could not do otherwise.

Reading through the manual, it is clearly very well thought out and designed in perfect English. 
The Racer has a Large readable display , which gives an instant readout of the target ID  value.
It is a well balanced machine but the angle of the shaft handle did give me wrist ache.
There are 4 preset search modes. All Metal, Two Tone, Three Tone and Beach.
I set it to the beach mode which is suitable for wet sand.
The beach was originally  all sand and now has a very heavy layer of pebbles deposited on top to act as a sea defence wall.

In January last year the beach was all sand due to the storms and within 2 days was coated with pebbles again. Due to recent storms several the beach has been stripped of pebbles again so it was a good opportunity to try the Racer.

It was a very blowy and windy day with temperatures of 6 degrees with a cold sea wind and the occasional shower. The Racer was equipped with the optional battery and control box cover so was well protected from the elements.
I went down to the beach at 11.10, as the tide was going out and the low tide was at 12.48.
There is a rotary switch on the top of the Racer. This is the on/off and volume switch.
Ground balancing was easy – just push the little trigger at the base of the control box forward and pump the coil until the noise / vibration stops. The beach mode sets the ID filter (discrimination) to 40 automatically.

I found mostly modern coinage and the usual ring pulls associated with modern beach hunting, some targets were at very respectable depths, I was very impressed with the machine, it gave very few false signals on the wet sand and performed better than I expected.
Thanks to the Gary's detecting team for the loan of this fantastic mretal detector.

 Andrew (Imposs 1) on Garys metal detecting forum

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