Sunday, January 18, 2015

An Epic session with the the Deeptech Vista Sprite

An Epic session with the the Deeptech Vista Sprite
What an interesting day !

It started with a special invite form one of our forum members, I can not say the location but it was a place we would all love to detect near.~

The ground conditions were pasture and very water logged, it was an ideal place to test the new 14" epic coil from Deeptech.

My first signal was a deep sixpence with a great audio, then a spindle whorl, followed by an assortment of copper coins and artefacts all at very impressive depths...Ok I dug plenty of non ferrous junk to !

I got a text saying Andrew had found a coin hot spot, only Victorian coins but they were bagging up, I could not detect near Graham because we were both on the same frequency and swinging massive aerials, so I took some pictures.

I watched him dig a loud signal 13" down to find seven coins all in the same hole. The targets were so deep the hole just kept filling up with water

 After the coin fest we headed off to another field where my first signal was a faint two way sound, which can only be described as sweeeeet......10" down and a hammered popped out.

The find of the day

The Epic coils are deep !

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